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By the End of Us: Documentation of Process

Early in 2015, Block Stop decided two things: We wanted to make a new, bigger, better game. We wanted to develop as a business. Needless to say, in our quest to achieve these… Continue reading

Venues, Games and Shows this Summer

Draughts (Board Game Cafe) Hackney, London What they say: “Draughts is London’s first board game café, a haven for game lovers. We have a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly staff to help customers select… Continue reading

Some Recent Games, Apps and Theatre

So I recently got an iPhone after years of quite an old Windows Phone which had trouble downloading any apps. I’m now exposed to the massive world of mobile gaming and new, interesting… Continue reading

Why I Get Scared to Say I’m a Gamer

I love games! I have been playing games ever since the tender age of 7 (perhaps even younger) and to this day I still wile away many an hour on virtual activities such… Continue reading

Dead Wait: A documentary film

Block Stop recently received Funding from Arts Council England. It was our first application and thanks to the right support and advice we were successful. They gave us the full amount we asked… Continue reading

When Theatre and Gaming Meet – Part 2

It’s a little later than I’d hoped but, as promised, here’s the second part of my previous blogpost on ‘when theatre and gaming meet’. But before I dive straight in, like an eager… Continue reading

When Theatre and Gaming Meet – Part 1

As a company we (Block Stop) say that one of our core aims in the work we do is to explore a meeting space between gaming and theatre. Sounds pretty darn exciting right?… Continue reading

Relax, It’s Only a Game!?

A few weeks ago I read a Gamespot review of Grand Theft Auto V that somewhat confused me. Carolyn Petit’s review raved about the game calling it ‘astounding’, ‘fascinating’, ‘exhilarating.’ She even awarded… Continue reading

Games That Got Character

So the focus of this blog is on the sense of ownership created from the characterisation of three playable protagonists in some old and new(er) games. The aim of this article is to… Continue reading

The Sticky Subject: Women in Gaming…

My first experience of gaming took place in the aptly named ‘games room’ in a family friend’s house. It was a room filled with beanbags and cushions, a pool table, some dusty board… Continue reading

The Quest for Realism in Modern Gaming

In amongst all the press hype around the next gen consoles there’s one statement that has stuck with me more than any others. This is the Xbox One’s claim that its games will… Continue reading