Block Stop are a collection of adventurous game-makers who create opportunities for play and shared interactive experiences.

For more information about Block Stop and to find out about our current projects check out: http://blockstop.co.uk/

Here you will find posts written (individually) by the four co-directors of Block Stop.



Oli Back: I’m a bit of a dabbler. I like interactive-y, live things so I imagine I’ll always be linking games and theatre together without entirely focusing on one or the other. I can be quite casual in my style and may well say things that I do a complete U-turn on the next day. Take me up on that… Not sure what I’ll be writing about so it’ll be a surprise for us all!


for blockstop siteMelanie Grossenbacher: My writings here will be boundlessly adventurous and speculative. I know very little and shall therefore ask a lot of questions. My gaming knowledge spreads into dark cavernous caves of ignorance and my theatre intelligence is only a tad better than that. A little like a drunk Miranda Hart, I tend to get a bit regal/posh/academic when I write, please forgive me this, dear Block Stop Blog reader.



581606_10151167615929920_1341330447_nDaniel Thompson: I would say that I am by far the nerdiest of the group. My board-game collection is vast and ever-growing and I have the most gaming experiencing out of the 4 of us (although admittedly not as much as I’d like). Like the others my background is in theatre studies but I am making nervous, tentative yet enthusiastic leaps into the gaming world both experientially and academically as I study digital games at Masters level. As such it is likely that a lot of my posts on here are going to be more concerned with the ‘games’ side of what we do although I am also still very enthused by theatre and find things most exciting when I can ‘connect-the-dots’ as to why I love both mediums.


970410_10152840140755650_2118005046_n Ilayda Arden: I like to write about silly things, funny things, political things and emotional things. All the things. I fell out of love with academia roughly around the same time that I was actually IN academia, so you will notice a distinctly rough around the edges approach to the things that I write. That’s not to say that I won’t be presenting impassioned arguments or asking difficult questions though! My background is primarily in theatre, performance, and directing, with a little creative writing and game-playing thrown in for good measure. I enjoy making people laugh, but I also enjoy learning and encouraging people to think and feel big things… So we’ll see how this turns out, shall we?