By the End of Us – Southwark Playhouse 3-7 Nov

Booking is now open for Block Stop’s newest game, By The End Of Us, at Southwark Playhouse 3 – 7 November.

The production is the third ‘live video game’ we have produced and follows a similar format to our previous games (Dead Wait at Soho Theatre, July 2014 and Final Call at the Wellcome Collection July 2015). It marks a significant change in our work moving from secret, one-on-one style interactions to auditorium-filling, large scale games.
The game follows an assassin named Mia Culper who, prepped with a camera and microphone, live streams a first person point of view to her Contact. The ‘Contact’ is an audience member, or rather Player, who sits in a private room at Southwark Playhouse. Placed in front of a monitor and wearing a headset they communicate to Mia and guide her through the mission to eliminate her target. Meanwhile, in the main auditorium, an audience views this interaction on large screens. They are set as an agency who has been tracking Mia and have intercepted her transmission. Using electronic keypads they must decide on key moments within the game directly affecting the success of Mia’s mission. Their choices mean the difference between life and death, between winning and losing.

Booking Info.

Venue: Southwark Playhouse, London, SE1 6BD
Dates: 3-7 November
Running Time: 60-90 Minutes
Times: Evenings 8pm / Saturday Matinee 5pm
Tickets: Single Player £20 / Multiplayer £10
Booking is now open and tickets are fairly limited, make sure you get them quick!

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